The Romantic Night Water Bus of Venice

Night photo of the  Night Water Bus  in Venice
Night photo of the Night Water Bus passing under the bridge near the train station on the Grand Canal in Venice Italy. Spotlight illuminating the water as it approaches the dock.

Venice tends to go to sleep relatively early, and if you are used to cities like Rome you may be caught off guard. We found ourselves looking for things to do late in the night in Venice. The night bus offers relaxing entertainment for an hour or two. During the day the water buses are loud and cramped but the night water bus can actually be romantic.

Get on at Ferrovia station (the train station stop) and ride it away from all the bushiness(west). If it looks like the photo above you are will get on the right one.  Everyone on the water bus should get off at the train station and the front or back seats will be all yours.  Now enjoy your private boat ride for the next hour and half.  If you get on going the other way Rick Steves audio guide (The Grand Canal Cruise ) would also work fairly well on the night route.

Venice Night Water Bus Route
Venice Night Water Bus Route

The Vaporetto Route N (night bus) Venice water bus route N operates in both directions.

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  1. Yes, you can do this. Salzburg is only 1.5 to 2 hr by train from Munich depending on the speiifcc train. You could do this as a day trip from Munich if you wanted. There are night trains between Munich and Venice that are good options. You can get a berth on the train, sleep through the night and arrive at your destination in the morning. There are only a couple of direct trains between Venice and Salzburg, but there are several options with only one change. The night train from Salzburg to Venice is a little less convenient it leaves at 1:38 am and arrives in Venice at 8:45 am. Going the other direction, there’s a night train from Venice at 8:28 pm that arrives in Salzburg at 4:05 am. there’s also a night train that leaves Venice at 8:51 pm and arrives in Kufstein at 5:25 am. There’s a train from Kufstein to Salzburg at 5:44 am which arrives in Salzburg at 6:57 amTrain schedules and prices:

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